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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 11, 2016 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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this is fox5 news morning. right now at 8 a somber daysomb across the station as people remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks. you are looking life this morning at 8:00 at the solemn ceremonies begin to get underway both at the pentagon and at the 9/11 memorial in new york city.. we welcome you this sundaynday morning i'm tomorrow fitzgerald. annie yue has the day off.. caitlyn roth is here as always.s good morning. good to see you again. hard to believe it has been 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. we're going to take a moment to pay attention and to look at the ceremonies that are going on across this nation this morning. that is a life shot
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outside of the 9/11 memorial at the pentagon this morning at arlington, virginia, the site oe the terrorists attacks here in our area just 15 years ago. this marks the 50th anniversary as we've said and of course we're going to have a life report coming up in just at few minutes.nute as people head out today they're going to be met with a revisiting of summer weather ase this still wants to hold on as we get into the fall here a little bit closer. it's hard to believe because here we are with football season beginning this weekend, but itbu feels like we're in the middle of summer again. our heatwave continues but we will see relieve later this h morning. it is a steamy, muggy morning, 81 already here in washington. the big difference between yesterday andi today. yesterday we hit 95 with the high temperature. we have a cold front moving through right i'm showing you the winds because where the wind direction is out of the northwt
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about gaithersburg over tover dulles that's where the front is and that will pass through within the next couple of hours. it will make it kind of cloudy and breezy for a about it, but once it passes a noticeable dro in humidity and the temperatures will only reach the mid 80s. a narrow band of clouds movingds through with that front. 82 degrees is what we'll be at through the morning hours. we'll jump up to a high of 86 but as the breeze in ts laterter this afternoon it will be muchuh less huh h mid and turn into ato much nicer day.. we're looking at high temperatures inoo the low to mid 80s else why. 83 in leonardtown and 85 in frederick burg. a cooler weather in the seven day forecast. i'll have all of that still coming up. across our nation and here in our area this is a solemn day of remembrance this this marks the 15th
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and what is now a yearly tradition, the victims' namesti will be read at a ceremony this morning at ground zero in new york city. there a will be six pauses durip thata ceremony to mark the exact moment of the four attacks andtc each time one of the twin towers fell. hundreds of people are alsoe expected at a ceremony at the flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania.le later this morning presidentning obama will be speaking at an observance at the pentagon, 184 people died there when an american airlines jet was was crashed into the building. today, those lives are being remember. fox5 news as alexandra limon isn life this morning at pentagon before the ceremonies get underway. good morning park alex. >>reporter: m good morning, definitely a somber day here iny the nation's capital as we mark the 15-anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks. take a look at this image, a powerful one, the american flag dr
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pentagon building. as you mentioned we are waitingi for a memorial event that will take place, a ceremony a little l later this morning and president obama is expected to p join the families of the victims killed in this attack. there will be a moment of silence at 9:30:00 a.m., the precise that the airliner strucu the pentagon 15 years ago. president obama is also expected to make some remarks at this memorial ceremony to honor the 184 people who died here at the pentagon, on the ground and also on board that american airlines flight 77. as we all know among those victims were am children, the youngest just three years old. again, that ceremony to remember and honor them will be underway in just a couple of hours.hour life at the pentagon, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > yesterday a solemn memorialoa service
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cathedral in new york city. 343 firefighters who died p in thse terrorist attacks. more firefighters dayed on that day than any other day in our nation's history. new york city mayor bill did il blast ohio was one of the speakers. >> i can only imagine what youat feel today. i know so am of you have told me the pain doesn't go away. h this time of year is a tough time of that service was presided overr by cardinal timothy dole and. overnight the 9/11 memorial me sue em and lights shined bright over lower l manhattan. the memorial day buyed just sixx months after the attack. it is made up of 88 search lights that are positioned to represent the twin towers. they will be lit again tonight as the sun goes down.wn. they will stay lit until dawn on monday morning. we're l following some breaking news for you this morning out of the district.the there has been a police-involved
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shooting. this happened at third and m street northwest. the details of what exactly took place are still coming together. we, of course, will update you here on on fox5 six flags american in upper marlboro will reopen today as planned. yesterday they had to close the amusement park after somebody had phoned in a bomb threat. park officials evacuated everyone was who was there. no one was hurt. police said they were sent there to see if anything had happened. as it turned out they did not find anything suspicious. we were told a similar incident happened a couple of monthsing a and police never did find out fi the person who called in thatat threat. now to fox5 exclusive, a navel petty officer was set for deployment and was shot duringht his going away party.rty. this happened sat morning outside of the mad hatter in dupont circle after the bar had closed. vehicle time
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inner. the gunman who shot him was arrested. investigating.l firefighters battled a row house fire in force west. in this broke out shortly before 11 on lamont street. the fires and flames become so intense a second alarm had to be sounded. so far, though, no word on any injuries. six people we know of this morning are displaced from their homes. the fire is still under investigation. > still ahead on fox5 news at 8, could the nfl's games be over shadowed by protests today? there is growing concern thatcen some players could refuse to stand for the national anthem om the anniversary of 9/11. plus, how much has the nfl changed since the terrorist attack. take a look at that day and how it changed sports forever. .
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pentagon, the world trade centee and into field in shanksville, pennsylvania. it remains to this day the deadly terror attack in us history. president obama will speak at the pentagon later today and we will bring that to you as well. the nfl is preparing foror protests. plans to commemorate today's 9/11 anniversary with appearances by two us presidents, military personnelry and first responders.esp officials say they are awarewar that some players on teams mayes refuse to stand important the national anthem to protest racial injustice in america. just two daysing a the department of homeland securityy issued a national but continuebt to law enforcement. it reminded them that sports stadiums remain possible terror targets. this morning, fox5's jim lokay take a look at how the 9/11 attacks changed the landscape of sports. >>reporter: this has become the norm at nfl games, the bag
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the increased vigilance. these days we're used to it. think back 15 years, the nfl shutdown with the redskins facing green bay.reen it wasn't pretty, the skins shut out 37 to 0. but football is back. just daysing a the feds reminded that terror is a very reel concern warning about nonspecific threats against stadiums, arenas and ball parks. a blast during last year, a sign of the escape of sports isn'tisn always a safe one.. the last time 9/# 1 fell on a sunday, 2011, ribbons on their jerseys and the redskins with a 28-14 against the giants and the american spirit in full effect just like it will be again onn monday night. jimon lokay, fox5 sports. i was at that game. what is a
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it's hard to wrap your mind around 15 years. >> it certainly is. here we are, another milestone. let's talk about the weather.eah a little muggy out there. >> > summer seems to not want toa release its grasp on us. >> there's an end in site. there is.s. actually that site is pretty soon. later this afternoon. a somber morning, but it's still a very warm and muggy morning. that being said it is still pretty nice for any of the memorials around town and thatn includes up in new york city as well. let's take a look atlook temperatures right now. it is still very mild. we have a cold front kind of approaching us to the north andr west but it has not passed yet. reagan national still 81-degrees, at dulles 78.78. at bwi marshal 79.9. temperatures barely fell blowell this overnight.vern let's take a look at other temperatures.ture we've got 73 martinsburg, 79 in fredericks. already 80 in annapolis and 79 in stevensville. when i
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get a better look at where thehe cold front is. 57 detroit and columbus, only 54 in chicago.hica that is some real fall-like air out ahead of the front. 81 here in washington. but 78, a mild morning in new york city for any the memorial there and 75 in boston. b so satellite and radar showing we've got sunshine right there's our front back to thehe west. it's bringing a stripe of clouds along the mountains. as it passes between 10 and 11 maybe it will get briefly cloudy and also breezy but we're notnot seeing any more showers associated with this cold frontn let's take a look at how itt plays out with this fox futurecast. maybe a sprinkle but even thatvn will be very the winds will pick up out ofut the north and west but then by afternoon we break right backbak out into sunshine and dryer airr will filter on through.hrou it will be much more
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as the dewpoints fall rapidly making it a lot less humid. even though it will be nice and comfortable this afternoon and collateral heat will slow creep back in out ahead of a cold front which arrive by thursday. this cold front more fall-like a for sure. high temperatures only in the 70s as the cooler high pressures system moves through and thattht will last for probable of able couple days before we slowly warm back up. but nothing like the heat that we've been experiencing the past few days. here are the high temperatureshi around thegh area today, even ha though it's 81 right now we only hit 85 or 86 later thislate afternoon. 83 in annapolis, 86 quantico, 84 for t dulles.dull that's the l cooler air coming on through. low temperatures tonight, check this out, 50s wide spreadsheet in our higher elevations, just 52 frederick, 56 gaithersburg. a low of 64 in
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here's the seven day forecast for you.he cooler with nice breeze today, sunny and nice, 8 monday really looks beautiful. 88 mostly sunny there onere tuesday. 91-degrees on wednesday.ees actually i think we have a chance for a shower or thunderstorm as our next cold front comes through. following that here's our hintit of fall, 77 for that highigh thursday, lowe's bottoming outot in the low 50s around the area, maybe even the upper 40s reading or soment that's friday morning, 79 and then we warm things backn up just a little bit on s. that's a look at your seven daty forecast. tom, back to you. thank you very much, caitlyn. there was a collapse overnight. hundreds of people are recovering this morning after ae deck fell after a college housee party in hartford, connecticut. 30 people were hurt after a third-floor deck collapsed onto a second floor deck causing that one to collapse as well. we this happened last night at an
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off-campus party at trinity college. luckily some of the injurednjur people are being taken care of.. the most serious injury we're told right now was just a broken arm. no word yet on what caused that deck to collapse. we have a live look for you again this morning over at the pentagon over in arlington, virginia this morning as they'r preparing to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. as you know nearly 3,000 people died that day when terrorist highjackers crashed planes inkes the pentagon, the world trade center and into a field near shanksville, pennsylvania.
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8:20 this sunday morning. you're looking life at the pentagon memorial inhi arlingto, virginia this morning on thes left side of your screen and ond the right side you'll see family members there preparing for ceremony which will mark the 15th anniversary of these attacks. nearly 3,000 people died n at the pentagon, new york. when they slammed planes into the world trade centers and the pentagon and shanksville.
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celebration. her name was freda. a photographer capturing thisis moment on august 14, 1945 in times square on v day whichich stood for victory over japan. a salor kissed japan had surrounded. freedman's son tells us that his mother had ill the last couple of years and passed awayy thursday at a richmond, virginia hospital. freedman was 92 years old. > also happening today, night is the night the medication me miss america will be crowned. 52 contestants are competing for the pageant crown on the boardwalk in atlantic city, new jersey tonight.njer the winner will receive a $50,000 scholarship. great news for fans of the cooking show else kitchen. foxsh says it's serving up two brand new seasons.
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being put through their culinary paces all while trying to presss the judges. auditions for the show start on monday in loss angels, new york and in atlanta. later auditions will be held later in the week in chicago and dallas. time now is 8:22. we're going to take a break. ronica cleary is going to be here with a look at what is ahead with fox news with chris wallace. and also a look ahead at kirk cousins on how he is using his no treaty or the greater good. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in,
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welcome back, the time is now 8:25. another exclusive interview on fox news sunday and a local favorite power player kirk cousins. chris wallace as host of fox news sunday he joins us with a preview of today's program. good morning, chris. >> thank you, ronica. it is the 15th anniversary of september 11 and with thewi political players that you have as a guest today, are he they looking at 911 and this idea that is the world safer or not after 9/11? is that a crucialui role in this raise. >> absolutely. i mean protecting america and the role as commander in chiefch is always that and the economy are always the two rolls for any potential president.ot this is, of course, the 15th
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anniversary of 9/11. we're taking folks life at the top of the hour down to ground zero where they're going to have the very stirring or very sad names of the 3,000 people that lost their lives that day.y. we're going to talk with the secretary of home land secretary jay johnson and ask himm specifically whether we're safer or not than we were there andere then we'll have a political debate on the political issues with into the beginning rich and congressman half yea what say a who was a clinton advocate. we'll also ask him about clinton's very controversialtrov remark on friday night where she basically said half of trump's supporters are a basket of disruptable. i think that's causing her somee heartburn today.urn it seems to be. we have just about 30 secondsou left but i couldn't let you go without mentioning kirkio conditions is a local here for fox5. that's he's the quarterback for the
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redskins. to redskins park to talk with him not just aboutout football and we do, but also about a cause that he's veryry interested in the international justice mission which tries to free people from slavery aroundr the world. interestingly enough he says know if i don't win and i don't have a big platform in football nobody is going to care about my causes so when he goes out there every weekend he's playing for more than just victories. interesting to think about that. you can catch fox news sunday. we have a a big 30 minutes ahead with today's top stories. stay with us if you don't want to miss it.
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> took, the is marking the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks. we're taking a live look at the pentagon where a flag is draped over the building. and those who were working inside the pentagon will gatherl for the exact moment the billing was hit. now several other ceremonies will be held throughout theroug country and later in this half hour the president will lead a moment of silence. fox5's alexandra limon, fox5 news on the hill. ronica cleary, bob cusak. good to see you this morning. of c


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